Joe Exotic Named Manger Of The Detroit Tigers

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Danny Dimes


In a stunning move, the Detroit Tigers have hired Joe Exotic, the “Tiger King”  as their new manager. Joe who was recently released from prison doesn't have much experience in baseball, but does have loads of experience managing tigers. Joe, who at one point was in charge of more than 200 tigers at his exotic animal park believes that managing Detroit's roster which only has 25 tigers will be no challenge at all,  as long as that bitch Carol Baskin doesn't get in his way. 

Detroit initailly offered the job to Doc Antles but he was too busy managing his sex-cult/zoo to make such a career move. We don't know what the future holds for the new Tigers management team, but Joe has shown strong leadership in building a franchise from the ground up. Lets just hope there is less meth involved this time, otherwise Detroit is never going to financially recover from this.

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