Official 5th Quarter Sports 2022 MLB Hall of Fame Ballot

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Resident Ginger


Similar to last year, the other Hall of Fame voters are absolutely pathetic. Let some people (like us) get some votes. How about a fan vote? Fix this Rob Manfred. One year later and still nobody at 5th Quarter Sports has a vote (cough horseshit cough).

Last year, 5thQuarterSports only endorsed players who ALLEGEDLY used steroids. This year we decided to take a #wholesome approach and voted for those individuals we want to see in the Hall. The Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Very Good @Lincecum/Papelbon/Fielder. Sosa isn’t even in the Hall of Very Good. He is in the Hall of Cheating Son of a Bitch. Put the bois in Cooperstown!

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Resident Ginger | @5thQGinger