An Unbiased Ranking of all 30 MLB Stadiums

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Extremely sick brag, I completed my conquest of all 30 MLB Stadiums on 9/24/2021 at the ripe old age of 26 years and 86 days. I went to my first ever game at 3 days old (allegedly) so that means it took me 26 years and 83 days to accomplish a feat many talk about with their dads when they are younger but aren’t committed enough to complete. With all of that, below is my unbiased ranking of all 30 MLB stadiums. I write this from the point of view of a Red Sox fan. I also grew up 10 minutes from Angel Stadium so I am an Angels fan and that is the stadium I have been to far more than any other. These rankings take into consideration a few things:

  1. The inside feel and view of the stadium. The first thing I do at a new stadium is take a lap all the way around the main concourse
  2. Concessions
  3. Friendliness of the staff
  4. The area surrounding the stadium
  5. The impact of the home fans on the game

30. Oakland Coliseum

Alright so this should be pretty obvious. Even if you haven’t been to this dump, you can tell from TV it is terrible. The only redeeming quality is that you can buy a $5 ticket and then sit wherever you want because they prefer people to sit closer to make it look like there are more fans there. Even the suites here are awful.

Top memory: Presenting the 2021 Lou Gehrig Memorial Award to Stephen Piscotty

29. loanDepot Park

Best part of the stadium is the bobblehead collection in center field and the view of downtown Miami in the far far far distance in left. Brings me to my first point. The location is terrible. Just bad. The bobbleheads are actually kind of impressive. Another stadium where it doesn’t really matter where your tickets are because you can just sit anywhere. The Marlins wore their red city connect jerseys when I was there so that was cool. Probably the best city connect jerseys put out this year. But yeah, bad stadium. I don’t like that you start outside at field level, then have to go up to the concourse, and then back down to your seats. Weird. PRO – They give you a button for your first game at the stadium instead of just one of those certificates AND they have a special button if it is your 30th stadium. It was my 28th stadium but they gave me both buttons anyway because I asked nicely and I am a simp for a cool button.

Top memory: Met this dude who was allegedly a sniper in the Secret Service and he too was visiting all 30 stadiums

28. Guaranteed Rate Field

Bought a $30 ticket and sat row one behind the visitor’s dugout. That was cool. And that’s all I have good to say about the stadium. By far the rudest staff of any stadium I visited. Also when you get off the train you have a long walk that was made worse on the way back because it was pouring rain and while the rain isn’t the White Sox fault, I hold them accountable for how far back to the train it was. And the entrance I went in doesn’t look like an entrance. It's across the street and then you walk over a bridge. Wild. Also, the stadium is just plain and the coolest part is a bunch of candy on the scoreboard. You have downtown Chicago right there but the stadium is closed off and pointing the wrong direction. Miss.

Top memory: Amazing seats for dirt cheap because the White Sox suck. Stadium 3 on the 5 games in 5 stadiums in 5 days tour.

27. Rogers Centre

Rogers Centre is weird. People ask me about it and the first thing that comes out is that it feels like a basketball arena but with a baseball stadium inside. I think a big thing that throws me off too is they have a retractable dome, fine, but it opens up to dead center field whereas I believe all other stadiums with a retractable roof open at an angle usually foul pole to foul pole. I don’t know … just weird to look at. The Marriott hotel in the outfield with views into the stadium is pretty sweet. Good things about Rogers Centre – location is incredible right in downtown Toronto. Also, the concessions fuck. Hard. You can get poutine, Tim Hortons, and they have some pretty dank sandwiches. Allegedly you can bring in outside food but I didn’t try. Unfortunately, the stadium itself sucks but one of my favorite bars in Toronto is close by – The Loose Moose. What a name.

Top memory: Poutine in a stadium. Top tier concession.

26. Miller Park (Currently American Family Field)

I went when it was Miller Park (hype) and they have since changed to American Family Field (wtf). One of the coolest things was drinking a Miller Lite at Miller Park. Second coolest is the TGI Friday’s that hangs over the left field wall and is a home run porch. Also, thots and prayers to TGI Friday’s for getting evicted alongside Miller and being replaced by a restaurant called Restaurant To Be Named Later. This is a retractable roof done well with a lot of glass walls not making it feel as inside as it is. Location is terrible. So far from everything. Took the train up from Chicago and then had to Uber and it was all a mess. Stop 2 on 5 games in 5 stadiums in 5 days tour.

Top memory: Bratwurst with sauerkraut and a Miller Lite. Felt like a true Milwaukeean.

25. Dodger Stadium

I’m going to get so much flack for this ranking but I don’t care. I am an unbiased baseball journalist and food critic and I will not be swayed or bought out of my opinions. The view from the upper deck is pretty good. The outfield had an all you can eat section but I believe they got rid of it. The stadium is old and looks sold but not in the cool way Fenway and Wrigley look old. The incline in the upper level is insanely steep and kind of sketch. Dodger Dogs are garbage. You used to not be able to go to any section you didn’t have a ticket for. Dodger fans are the second worst baseball fans behind Yankee fans. The stadium is on a hill that overlooks LA, which is cool but it is an absolute nightmare trying to get out of the place. And you have an 85% chance of a Dodgers fan trying to fight you.

Top memory: Saw Ken Griffey Jr. play at Dodger Stadium

24. Yankee Stadium

Ok so I have been to both the old and new Yankee Stadium. They are the exact same thing minus all of the history that came with the old stadium aka the best part about it. It is right off of the subway making getting to the stadium very easy. Except you have to go on the NYC subway so you probably will get stabbed, mugged, or watch a homeless person shit in the corner. Monument park I imagine would be really cool EXCEPT at the old stadium you had to have a ticket not in the bleachers to go. We had bleacher seats. At the new stadium it closes way before the game. There is no reason for it to be closed at all. It is in the outfield, I think it has a net covering for safety, and doesn’t interfere with the game. There is a Hard Rock Café in the stadium (again, simp for pins) but there is no reason for a Hard Rock there. Should be like Milwaukee where you can be there and watch the game. Yankee fans are the worst fans in baseball and if your best concession is a Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog, you lose.

Top memory: Went to Old Yankee Stadium with my dad in 2002 so I was 7 and it is my earliest baseball memory at a baseball game

23. Angel Stadium

I wanted this ranking to be so much higher but it just isn’t. If I had to guess, I have probably been to 106 games here. I am pretty confident I’ve hit 100. Could be closer to 150 but that seems like a bit of a stretch. The concessions are bad. They bring in “local” restaurants to have a spot in the stadium but never seem to keep one for longer than a year. “Local” because they are all surrounding cities and not really local. The stadium is old but better than Dodger Stadium because you can move about freely and it isn’t as steep. Love the double decker bullpens in left. Call me a homer but I LOVE the rocks. Fountains and fireworks for homeruns, it is in the shape of an A, but also in the shape of the Matterhorn just like the ride at Disneyland because Disney used to own the team. You lose sight of the field when you walk behind home plate and also in right field. I like to have eyes on the game even when walking around. The location also sucks being in the middle of a gigantic parking lot. The two huge hats in front of the stadium are one of the cooler features of any MLB stadium. Fun fact the hats have a hat size of 649 ½. GIGANTIC. They also have a huge A in the parking lot that lights up to tell fans not at the game that the Angels won and the commentators use the phrase “light that baby up.” Objectively sick line. And the stadium is called The Big A. Also a win.

Top memory: 2002 World Series Game 2. Tim Salmon last game. Jered Weaver debut. So many

22. Globe Life Field

Not as bad in person as it looks on Tv. I’m not sure that’s really a compliment but again, the first thing I say when people ask me about it. I was there for the first game ever in this stadium with fans, 2020 NLCS Game 1 and 2. Incredible atmosphere. First game with fans in all of MLB in 2020. People were itching for baseball! From the outside, the stadium looks like a shed from Home Depot. Actually it kind of looks like Home Depot. Just a big box. I like the big glass windows in left opening up the stadium a bit. Texas Live right outside the stadium is a cool pre/post game spot. Admittedly the game I was here for may have pushed this one slightly higher than it should be but it is still in the bottom third of stadiums so whatever.

Top memory: First game in the stadium’s history with fans

21. Tropicana Field

Much better than expected. MUCH. People give this stadium so much shit with many saying it is worse than Oakland. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Very good concessions. Like very good. The short rib grilled cheese is up there on favorite concessions at any stadium. Budweiser braised short rib, cheddar, swiss, Havarti, caramelized onions, horseradish cream, on Texas toast. Yes. Walking around the concourse sucks because you have no eyes on the game except for walking in the outfield. I like the bullpens on the field. I know I’m psychotic, but I like the catwalks. It's fun, unique, and after this stadium goes away will likely never happen again. Shohei (I think?) hit a ball that got stuck on a catwalk. If you’re sitting in right field you can’t see the scoreboard, which sucks. I like when they have another one on the other side. The roof lights up for the national anthem and on homeruns. Sick. The staff was incredible and the fans were into it.

Top memory: Wander Franco debut

20. Comerica Park

To be completely honest, I don’t really remember this stadium. I was uhhh 13ish but we had incredible seats and I didn’t hate it so this ranking felt right. I mean let’s be honest, the middle third is all just a toss up on the order. I like that the home plate dirt is shaped like home plate. I like the strip of dirt from the plate to the mound. Statues of famous players, near other Detroit team stadiums, I like it. Solid average park.

Top memory: Sat 7ish rows up from Tigers dugout

19. Chase Field

Chase Field was decent. I lucked out and both games I was at, the roof was open. Concessions were pretty good. Gourmet hot dogs, home of the churro dog, and the only stadium I know that has Cold Stone in the stadium. Big step up over Dippin Dots. Sat row 1 down the right field line. Good games. This being my 30th stadium might have helped the ranking a bit but I don’t think so. Good surrounding area and close to downtown Phoenix even though downtown Phoenix kind of blows.

Top memory: 30th stadium!

18. Citizens Bank Park

Very very average stadium. Far enough from downtown to be annoying if you aren’t a local but close to all the other sports stadiums and they have a sweet bar out there too for pre/post game. Love that you can walk all the way around the stadium and never lose sight of the game. I liked the double decker bullpen and standing area above. Not a lot great, not a lot bad. It plays. Top memory: The Liberty Bell sign lights up for homeruns?

17. TMobile Park

Solid stadium. Open roof for both games with a great view of the Seattle downtown and football stadium. Decent concessions. Got pretty drunk on vodka lemonades. I love the bullpen area (coincidentally where the vodka lemonades are). You can stand right on the rail 2-3 feet from the relievers. They have deep fried crickets at the stadium but I didn’t have any. Got a gnarly sunburn in the outfield for the Sunday day game I was at so that sucked.

Top memory: One of the last game Pujols played as an Angel

16. Progressive Field

Similar to Citizens Bank Park, I love the bullpens. Progressive gets the nod though because you can stand in front of the bullpens. Good beer options in right and love the field view in right field that you can go down to and watch for an inning. Close enough to downtown so easy to get to and fun staff. Good place.

Top memory: Skipped work to go to a day game

15. Great America Ballpark

I like Great America. Wholesome family fun. I like to sit in left field seats. Good area outside the stadium. Great Bark in the Park games. One of my favorite breweries nearby. Never had a bad time at the stadium. I like the steam stacks in right as an ovation to the Ohio River riverboats, you can see Kentucky across the way, and one of those smokestacks caught on fire at a game I was at. Great America at 15 is perfect. Average stadium average score.

Top memory: Pet many puppers at Bark at the Park.

14. Nationals Park

I like Nationals Park a lot. Solid all around stadium. Presidents race is awesome, love the entrance in left at outfield level and the concourse out there. Great views of DC. Love going to a day game and seeing all the Congressmen in suits leave in the third inning. Weird experience. Easy to get in and out with the metro. Not a lot to say, just a good all-around stadium.

Top memory: Again, skipping work to go to day games mid week.

13. Kauffman Stadium

I like Kauffman. Very unique stadiums. The fountains are cool. I think I like the scoreboard with the crown. I really like the hall of fame in left. I like how small this stadium plays. It is very far from KC but next to Arrowhead. Honestly the fountains pushed this to the top of the middle third but again, middle third stadiums fit anywhere in the middle.

Top memory: Stopped here to break up an 11 hour drive from Kansas back to Ohio.

12. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Love Oriole Park! Went to opening weekend on Easter Day and got on ESPN for missing a home run ball. Was sitting in the front row in left field. Concessions are above average. Crab dip fries? Fuck yes. Too much Old Bay floating around the stadium but that’s my West Coast bias. I like the right field walkway behind the stadium that is technically part of the stadium. Feels like a baseball stadium. Easy to get to and close to downtown even if there isn’t much to do in the area. More double decker bullpens. Apparently I have a type.

Top memory: Getting on ESPN even if for an embarrassing reason.

11. Target Field

Target Field is beautiful. In the category of newer stadiums, they did well with it. Sweet right field concourse area. Cheese curds and fish and chips are great. I like the flags and Minnesota sign. They did well with the extra pieces of the stadium. Close to some good bars. Great stadium staff. Stop 4/5 on the 5 games in 5 stadiums in 5 days tour.

Top memory: Devin Smeltzer debut.

10. Coors Field

Beautiful stadium. Had a Coors Light at Coors Field so that was cool. I like the outfield concourse. I like the mountain shape of the scoreboard. I like the bar on the top level of right field. I like the forest in center and the glass wall in front of the bullpens. The view from the front of the stadium is cool too. Looks like an old school stadium from the outside but more modern on the inside. Good all around spot. Great staff. Oh and there is a row of purple seats in the upper deck that is exactly one mile above sea level.

Top memory: Sat in the Diamondbacks’ wives section behind home plate.

9. Minute Maid Park

Very cool stadium. I liked it way more than I expected and way more than I wanted to because I hate the Trashtros. Great stadium tour and the stadium has so much uniqueness to it. The train is sweet. I didn’t know left field was the old train station and that is the inspiration for the arches in left. Sat in the Crawford Boxes, which might be my favorite seat in baseball (only because I haven’t sat on the Green Monster yet). I like the staircase in center and all of the random walkways you can access. Fantastic brisket nachos. Top 3 if you go by concessions alone. Crawford Bock is a great stadium beer. The train moving is electric and love the big windows in left. Close to downtown but really nothing to do around the stadium.

Top memory: Rangers vs Astros and Altuve hit a walkoff grand slam that went three rows directly over my head

8. Citi Field

Love the outside view of Citi Field. Reminds me of a turn of the 20th century stadium. I love the apple and the bridge in the stadium. Easy to get in and out of. Solid all round concessions. This is a stadium you are in and it just feels good to watch baseball. I don’t have a lot of notes, I just had a great time.

Top memory: Worst thunderstorm I’ve ever been stuck in happened during this game.

7. Busch Stadium

Second best backdrop in all of baseball. Beautiful field. Ballpark Village is a great strip behind the stadium. The Cardinals do a really great stadium tour and have a great museum. The Cards do everything well and it's really the backdrop that carries this stadium high.

Top memory: Getting three bobble heads and taking non of them home because I only had a carry on.

6. Truist Park

Only knock is how far away it is from Atlanta. Other than that, there is not one strike against Truist Park (lol see what I did there? Strike? Ha!). Fantastic brisket mac and cheese and my second favorite seat I sat in, the Coors Light Chop House in right field. The Battery is the area outside the stadium and is probably the best surrounding area of any baseball stadium. The Home Depot Clubhouse is a pretty cool piece of the stadium. Really cool de facto museum behind home plate on the main level and the Chop is the most electric chant in sports and I don’t care who knows it. It is. They drop the lights, it's magical.

Top memory: Going with my buddy who is a season ticket holder and him hooking me up with seats for both games

5. Petco Park

Petco is beautiful. Absolutely deserving of being in the top 5. I love the old candy factory built into the stadium in left field. Has the overhangs on each level that are great for home runs. When I went, there was a giant sandbox in center field for kids to play in. The stadium is right off the water in the middle of downtown San Diego. Gorgeous weather. Fun fact, you can see Mexico from the stadium. I like the weird indent in right field for seemingly no reason. And it's in San Diego. Enough said.

Top memory: Here for my birthday weekend and coming from Sea World, my brother was wearing a Nemo hat and got on the Padres pre game intro video on tv for the entire season. They were playing the Giants in Barry Bonds’ last season, he got hurt and I remember everyone cheering.

4. AT&T Park

I think you could make a case for Petco or AT&T here but the stadium beats out the “extras” of Petco. The third best view in all of baseball and I know that will be controversial. Fantastic stadium tour and probably the best one available. Concessions are great led by the garlic fries and bread bowls. The stadium is cold but I love it. One of the best features is in right field. You can walk up and watch the game for free through the fence. I know there is an inning rule and you are supposed to cycle out but if there is nobody there, you can stay the whole time. Splash zone home runs are also incredible with the kayaks and the fountains going off. I liked it better when the bullpens were on the field and the wall was further out, but it doesn’t impact the positioning here.

Top memory: Came here with my dad in 2013 when they rose the 2012 World Series flag

3. PNC Park

There is a reason Travel and Leisure ranked PNC Park one of the top 22 views in America. It is truly one of the most picturesque views I have ever seen. It is only accentuated by the nooks and crannies within. Even though the Pirates are absolute dogshit, Pirates fans show up and make PNC a great time. The concessions are great. They do a great job of showcasing the local Pittsburgh talent from pierogis to Primanti Bros. Every seat has a great view and this large ballpark plays small. Walking over the Roberto Clemente Bridge has to be the best commute to a stadium and there are a ton of great bars and restaurants around for post game fun. I also like the double dirt walkup from the on deck circle to the plate. Clean look.

Top memory: My high school throwing partner made the Pirates roster in 2021 so I got to go down and see him on the field pre game

2. Wrigley Field

These top two are just unfair. Wrigley is incredible. It looks how baseball is supposed to look. Walking off the train and walking around Wrigleyville is just the start to an amazing day. Build your own Chicago dogs, cheap beer, bleacher seats, cup snakes, and ivy. Just a few things that made Wrigley top notch. I have been lucky enough to hear Go Cubs Go at two of the three games I have been to including the first game. The second game had a rain delay and after we were able to move down to row 1 behind the Cubs dugout just in time to watch Wilson Contreras get ejected in a blowout and tell the umpire to “stop being so fucking sensitive you fucking pussy.” Classic. This was also the week of the 2021 trade deadline and the last time we would see Rizzo, Bryant, Baez, and others in a Cubs uniform. Another of the top 3 tours you will be on. This was stop 1 on the 5 games in 5 stadiums in 5 days tour.

Top memory: Crushing Chicago dogs (my favorite style of hot dog) and cheap beers all day in the outfield to contribute to the cup snake

1. Fenway Park

I told you at the beginning that I am a Red Sox fan and I told you at the beginning I am an unbiased baseball journalist and food critic. That said, Fenway is top dawg. Everything about Fenway is incredible. To those who say “yeah but there and Fenway you are behind a pole” I say “stop being poor and buy better seats.” It is an experience and worth every penny. I balled out and went to Opening Day in 2021 at Fenway. My first ever Opening Day. It was 12% capacity, which sucked so I just had to go back. But I sat everywhere. Outfield for my first game when it was 30 degrees and I froze in the shade, upper deck down the right field line, and a few rows up from the right field line lower level. All great. Fenway Franks shit on Dodger Dogs. Great clam chowder at the concession stands. Drinking Sam Adams all day long. Except for the multiple vodka lemonades. Fun fact – I was served the first beer at the Sam Adams beer deck in the 2021 season. A title I will never forget and a responsibility I will never take for granted. I should say that I needed the itch for more Fenway. The 12% was great but didn’t feel right. So, spur of the moment, I flew back up for a Red Sox/Yankees game and it did not disappoint. Sweet Caroline is beautiful. Yankees suck chants are fantastic. Watching Gerrit Cole get shelled is everything I dreamed of and more. This takes the spot over Wrigley because I really value uniqueness. I love how different from any other sport, every baseball stadium is different. It brings a fun element to the sport. The bullpens are sweet, the staff is great. Sadly one of my least favorite tours and the seats are uncomfortable but minor setbacks for the GOAT.

Top memory: Walking up for the first time and seeing the Green Monster

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