Adrian Wojnarowski Launches new cryptocurrency WOJ coin!!

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Danny Dimes


In the midst of these strange economic times of surging stocks and Crypto madness, Adrian Wojnarowski has decided to enter the fray and start his own cryptocurrency WOJ coin!!! Woj has always been well versed when it comes to trades so it's only natural he would start his own commodity to trade. WOJ coin is backed by its own blockchain (Anthony Davis) and is quickly becoming one of the more popular coins. 

The coin was introduced to the market at 1 cent per coin and is said to be as volatile as Kyrie Irving’s moods. It's been theorized that the coin’s value will spike every time Wojnarowski tweets out a new NBA related Woj Bomb. Investors are speculating that this new coin's value will spike near the NBA trade deadline. Rumor has it that Lebron James has already invested more than 2 million dollars of his salary and has asked to be paid in WOJ coin moving forward. The SEC is investigating this activity as Lebron and his agent Rich Paul have a ton of power over the NBA landscape and Lebron may be using roster moves to inflate the WOJ coins value and his own net worth. Lebron’s camp refused to comment on this issue.

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