Conflict On Tune Squad: Bugs Bunny Says Hong Kong Is His Favorite Vacation Spot

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- Bugs Bunny has been making the rounds to promote his upcoming documentary, Space Jam: A New Legacy. This is the sequel to his documentary Space Jam, and has been long awaited by fans for many years. The Tune Squad has been valiantly dunking on monsters for decades now, all in relative silence. The world was itching to see their follow up documentary.

The fate of the documentary had been nebulous since 1996, shortly after the original came out. However, after many long years, the follow up is finally slated for release on July 16th, 2021. Joining Bugs to defend earth is the legendary Lakers star LeBron James.

After a recent slip on an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, where Bugs and Rogan were sharing cigars and drinking Whiskey, discussions turned to their favorite vacation spots. Bugs had the following to say:

“Ya know, doc, the best place to travel to is Hong Kong. Heck, they deserve democracy, the treaty has been broken. Daryl Morey is a hero, and maybe should have been on the Tune Squad himself.”

The conversation quickly moved on to something predictable like MMA or DMT or isolation chambers.

This has 5thQuarterSports concerned for the future of the new Tune Squad, and future invasions of earth. Will the team have enough cohesion to properly defend us again?

After Bug’s comments, the CCP has banned screenings of the movie within the country. The financial impact of this will be devastating. A distraught Bugs Bunny attempted to jump off of a cliff shortly after the news, but he sprang up in a corckscrew shape once hitting the ground. The ‘boinging’ sound could be heard sadly drifting off into the distance.

King James could not be reached for a quote.

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