REPORT: Kings to waive entire roster moving to 10 day contracts, includes coaches.

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SACRAMENTO, CA -- Some call this play by the Sacramento Kings as proto-typical. The 5thQuarterSports staff calls it ingenious. The King's owner Vivek Ranadivé has announced a stunning new direction for the team. Inspired by Isaiah Thomas' 10 day contract with the Mavs to fill their roster, the Kings will now adopt this as a regular policy as a long term player aquisiiton.

This comes at an interesting time in the Kings' coaching history. One could say they have churned through coaching staff like a strong, sturdy Amish woman through cream and children. This isn't good news for Alvin Gentry, who just joined the team as head coach in 2021. Preceding him was Luke Walton, who was coach for just a single year. The Kings ownership may have recognized a pattern here. Year long contracts allow for too much adjustment and familiarity. Too much long term planning, and results must be immediate. They need to bring these tenures way down. Why spend tens of millions of dollars on coaches who they fire, when they can spend hundreds of millions? Our staff thinks this is an ingenious play. It will keep the team's strategy as fresh as newly cut grass.

This will also have a large impact on the players. Even this week there are rumors that De'Aaron Fox is up for a trade, who has been on the team since 2017, as well as Tyrese Haliburton, who has been on the team since 2021. The similar pattern exists here: these players have been on the team for longer than a few years! Player longevity needs to drop, and fast.

Will other teams follow this for-hire model for building their rosters? We sure hope so.

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