Thicc Boi Thursday!!! Issue #3

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Danny Dimes


It's Thicc Boi Thursday where we shout out our favorite thicc boi of the week! This week our nominee is Kyle “Kardashian” Lowry with maybe the Thickest booty in all of pro sports! 

He may only be 6ft and 200 pounds but you can see this man's ass from space! Seriously, why is this man double cheeked up on Thursday! There is still daylight outside! No wonder he gets every rebound! 

Why does this man have a Pixar Mom DUMP TRUCK ASS? I need answers! What is his post game workout? squatting 1,500 pounds and eating hotdogs? Sir Mix-A-lot is considering coming out of retirement to write another song about it. It's a good thing that he never married into the Kardashian curse cause you mix those to booties would change the gravitational pull of the earth! Just look at the man in the picture. He can barely fight off touching it as is! James Harden, had to squint his eyes because he thought he was still at the club! And for that we thank you Kyle Lowry, really putting that second C in Thicc!

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