Thicc Boi Thursday: Myles Garrett signs with the LA Clippers!

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Danny Dimes


Not yet, but he should!! Did you see that man move on the basketball court? With that athleticism he could easily be a starting power forward on about a dozen NBA teams. Standing at 6’4 280 with a 6’11 wingspan. Those types of measurables compare only NBA Thick Boi Superstar Zion Williamson. Add in Garretts insane strength and speed combo and tell me a dozen NBA GM’s wouldn't sign him to a 7 figure deal on the spot. If he ever wants to get out of Cleveland and trust me, he does!!! He could always retire from the NFL and instantly could get a spot on an NBA roster. I know Mark Cuban would at least entertain the idea. Put me in the Shark tank, I’ll make the pitch!!

If Nicholas Batum is still collecting 20 million dollar paychecks im sure some team would give him a Thicc Boi offer. At least in the NBA he wouldn't have a helmet! I could definitely see him averaging at least 15 rebounds a game as Charles Barkly-Zion Williamson paint goliath! NFL O-lineman can’t push him around, he would make most NBA players look like twigs.

In the NBA Thicc Bois are on the rise, just look at some the allstars in the NBA right now, Zion, Jokic, these players are literally tipping the scales in their teams favor! The Mavericks could be on the prowl for heavier players to outmuscle the plus size playmakers. Added bonus he would make a hell of a body guard for Luca!

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