Donald Trump, Turning Heel, to Be Inducted To WWE Hall Of Shame

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It is the greatest honor to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Few make it, only the best of the best. As Macho Man Randy Savage put it, only the “cream of the crop”. Even fewer are inducted by McMahon himself. On the other hand, we have the WWE Hall of Shame. Thought to have been unofficially closed to inductees since 2013, it has been announced that it shall, once again, receive a member.

The recent assault on democracy has proven too much for even the WWE. Well, Trump’s unprovoked, unplanned attack on Edge could not have helped his case in any way. This attack was almost equally egregious as the attack against the Capitol by his supporters. As Edge was embracing his tag team partner, Christian, after a wild Cage Match, Trump dove from the top cage onto the pair.

Some question how the President sneaked into the stadium and atop the cage? Does the WWE possibly have even more lax security than the Capitol itself? 5th Quarter Sports just has to question whether our nation is prepared for an attack by its own people, or if the WWE is prepared for an unprovoked attack from within their own ranks. The straw that apparently broke the camel’s back was Trump wedging a flag between the limp bodies of the two wrestlers. And this was no American flag. This was a flag with Trump’s own logo on one side, and the infamous flag from Community on the other. That tore it. Donald has been stripped of his prestigious ranks. He shall now forever reside in the WWE Hall of Shame.

However, the door has not been closed to the Hall of Shame. We shall see how President-elect Biden fairs.

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