EXCLUSIVE(ISH): Kevin Owens Admits Even He’s Tired of Reigns Rematches

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Stunning new audio reveals WWE Superstar Kevin Owens complaining about his upcoming match against Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

The clip, leaked exclusively to 5thQuarterSports and whoever else was willing to pay up, reveals KO venting his frustrations to an unidentified male behind the scenes at the WWE Thunderdome:

“I know, it’s ridiculous that I’m complaining about a match at the Royal Rumble, but d*** it I’m tired of this tribal chief sh**. Third f****ing time I’m up against Roman in two months.”

According to our semi-exclusive and semi-reliable source, the clip was recorded shortly after WWE official Adam Pierce’s revelation that Owens would be his replacement at the 2021 Royal Rumble, which airs on January 31st. Though originally slated to face Reigns in a Universal Championship match at the Rumble, Pierce indicated that he’s likely to drop out of the match due to an old knee injury. As a WWE official he’s allowed to select his own replacement.

The Quebec-born Owens goes on with some rather un-Canadian choice words for WWE creative:

“These f***ing morons in Connecticut ran out of ideas in g*d**** 2003. I’d like to see them take a chair to the back.”

When asked for comment, a WWE spokesperson responded:

“This unverified nonsense is clearly nothing more than a desperate fan’s attempt to weasel out of paying $9.99 to see a match that’s already been aired on our free programming twice. As always, Kevin Owns is eager to step up, throw down, and fight to the end. Our award-winning creative team has LOTS of ideas and Mr. McMahon definitely doesn’t think it’s 1996.”

Industry observers have their doubts as Goldberg prepares to compete at the Royal Rumble and Ric Flair is in the midst of a major feud on Raw.

Kevin Owens didn’t respond to requests for comment by press time. Try tweeting at him and let us know if that works.

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