Tenkaichi Budokai To Be Held At Dana White's Fight Island

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- This May the 7th, the Tenkaichi martial arts tournament is to be held at Dana White’s Fight Island Bubble. Contestants from across the galaxy are to assemble at the legendary arena in Abu Dhabi, UAE to participate in this legendary event. The 5thQuarterSports staff has interviewed several participants as well as organizers to get some more information out to the public surrounding this legendary tournament.

The list of participants is as lengthy as it is iconic. The initial bracket includes appearances from legends such as Son Goku (of course), Dustin Porier (absolute legend), The Korean Zombie, Krillin, King Chappa, Mr. Satan, Holloway, and many others. Rumor has it that even Khabib might be coaxed out of his retirement. McGregor has refused to participate. Will we see an appearance from the great Jackie Chun? Unknown at this time.

This is sure to be a sight to behold. Dana White has said to us:

“This will be an absolutely uproarious event. You’ll feel the passion in the air that night.”

We here at the 5thQuarterSports headquarters are extremely glad to hear of the return of Snoop Dogg to his new side-gig of fight announcer. He has a whole new list of hymns prepared for this event. Announcing alongside him will be Joe Rogan, Bruce Buffer, and Herb Dean. This fight will be as entertaining as it is epic.

Good news to all the fans, the 8 day PPV event is available for the low cost of $3000. This will be the tournament of the ages, you CANNOT miss this event.

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