Bill Belichick Refuses COVID-19 Vaccine, Infects Offensive Line, Patriots Will Still Play

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“What in the **** is this ****?” - Ex offensive coach of the Minnesota Vikings, Rick Dennision.

The NFL just released a memo which states that any teams that have a COVID-19 outbreak will have to forfeit their games for the upcoming season, and further states that players will not be paid for the unplayed games. This announcement has been making the rounds through sports media and on Twitter with hot reactions. First on the chopping block: Rick Dennision for refusing the vaccine. However, fresh on the heels of this canning, Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick announces his staunch refusal to join the ranks of the vaccinated.

We here at 5thQuarterSports are shocked as well. What can’t Bill Belichick get away with? This man has generated scandal after scandal. Twitter has flocked to this news, dubbing the recent event COVID-gate. Why the media suffixes any event that Bill Belichick does with ‘-gate’ is beyond us, the events that he participates in are much more morally bankrupt than Watergate ever was. This latest is just the tip of the iceberg.

This is a slap in the face to all of us who have been vaccinated. I mean, if this rich and powerful man can get away with being unvaccinated consequence free, why was I laid off of my part time gig of petting zoo animal euthanizer for being ‘unvaccinated’, ‘contagious’, and a ‘spreader’? I love what I do, and the animals are already on their way out. They can’t get any more sick than they already are.

Refusing the vaccine for yourself is one thing, but exposing your team to your illness is another. Robert Kraft doesn't get his special ‘massages’ in the locker rooms in front of everyone, a perfect example of keeping one's opinions to one's self. Regardless, the 5thQuarterSports staff respects Belichick’s decisions. He is the leader of that team, and he is giving his team immunity the old fashioned way. God bless the Patriots, God bless the USA.

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