Brees vs. Brady Playoff Game To Be Aired on History Channel

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Danny Dimes


After the Success of this past weekend's NFL Wildcard game hosted on Nickelodeon the NFL is now looking into additional ways to introduce new fans to the game. It was announced Wednesday that for the first time the NFL will be airing the Divisional Playoff game between the Saints and Buccaneers on the History channel. Representatives from the History channel had this to say about hosting the matchup, “Drew Brees and Tom Brady have been around so long that they are as much a part of history as the Civil War, or the moon landing. A matchup between two historical figures of this magnitude hasn't happened since Roe vs. Wade”

The Nickelodeon game last week introduced many young fans to the game, and this History channel game is sure to introduce many “Ancient Aliens” viewers to the wonderful world of football. The game will air at 6:40 pm eastern time Sunday night, right in the middle of the six hour “Pawn Stars” marathon. During halftime there will be a live performance from the crew of “The Curse Oak Island”. Spoiler alert they still haven't found anything!

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