Why The NFL Should Change The Goal Posts

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Listen, plainly put, Kickers suck. Actually suck is an understatement. Ever since the NFL rule changed, pushing back the spot where the Kicker kicks an extra point, NFL Kickers have not risen to the challenge. This has led to wide-spread YIPS among all kickers that has changed the outcome of games (and gamblers’ money.) There is only one solution to make this situation better and take advantage of these poor kickers fragile psyche. Give each team the ability to change the goal posts width. Currently, all goal posts are standard in all professional football stadiums.

The NFL should take notes from the MLB and allow some customizable stadium accessories. In the MLB, if you want a huge 40 foot wall in Left Field, totally allowed. Want a 3 foot wall? Done, just be prepared for dingers everywhere. Your team wants 40 yard wide goal posts? Why not? Want it to be no bigger than the width of the football? Be my guest. If we can’t get better kicking, let's make the most of this terrible kicking. We could see field goal attempts of 65+ yards or no kicking at all. I’m talking about flair, some pizazz. Make Watching Kicking Great Again.

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