Does Matthew Stafford...Suck?

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SACRAMENTO, CA - The answer is maybe. I don’t want to spoil it for you. I also don’t really know. We need a hard look at the facts.

Fact Number One

Every time I draft him in my Fantasy Football League I lose. I’ve drafted him in the first round for the last four years straight. Not second pick, not third pick. First pick. I think I know what you are asking at this point:

“Is that Mathew Stafford’s fault, or the authors?”.

I will tell you, it is a mixed bag. This one is for you to decide. I know what you’re asking yourself:

“Is the author a Stafford Stan?”

The only thing that I stan is BTS, you presumptuous asshat.

Fact Number Two

The Detroit Lions cannot win with any consistency. Water is wet, and more often than not the Lions will not will not go positive in a season. Look at the 2020-21 season so far. 5 and 11. However, the year he joined the Lions were 0 and 16. If you put your reading glasses on and do some simple maths, you’ll see that is an average of 5 wins over 12 years. Or, .4 wins a year.

In all seriousness The Lions have 74 wins over the last 12 years. If we compare that to the 12 years before that, we see that the Lions have a 50 total wins. That is ~6 wins a year, vs ~4 wins a year. That is a 40% win differential. Now, can we discard Bell and Bush in this? The answer, is yes.

Fact Number Three

He has the best completion percentage of the last 3 quarterbacks of the Lions. He doesn’t have god tier completion, but he land’s ‘em. Does any other stat matter? No, they do not. It’s football, it gets thrown. It isn’t rushball, in which we look at rushing.


Matthew Stafford does not suck. The Lions suck. Thank you for coming to my TEDx.

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