Donald Trump Announces That he Has Won The NFC East!

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Danny Dimes


Washington DC has won the NFC East! Well kind of… In a surprisingly not so shocking turn of events, our soon to be ex-commander and chief announced via Tweet Saturday night that he has won the NFL’s NFC East division. Twitter has since flagged the tweet as disputed, and possibly misleading. As many NFL fans know, the four teams in the NFC east have really struggled this year with the Dallas Cowboys and Washington “Football Team'' leading at only 6-9. Which means we may have a team in the playoffs with more wins than losses.

Now I have taken more L’s than I would like to admit, but I don’t think that a “team” with less wins than losses should get to be in the playoffs. That would be like someone with less votes than the competitor winning a public office position! The NFL needs to stop this madness and select a team with more than 7 wins to take that spot in the playoffs.

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