Mitch Trubisky Wins NFL Nick Play Wild Card Game NVP!

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Danny Dimes


Tonight the Nickelodeon, in partnership with CBS, to host the first annual Nickelodeon NFL Wildcard Saturday game. The program went as you would think that a Nickelodeon NFL game would go. Slime Zone touchdown filters and Spongbob being aired during halftime. Along with these antics, Bears player Mitch Trubisky was awarded the Nickelodeon fan voted NVP award with 49% of the vote. The loser in the 9 to 21 contest against New Orleans saints passed for an NVP worthy 199 yards and 1 touchdown. While the saints handily won the game, Mitch was deemed so influential in the loss that he “inspired” fans to name the NVP.

During the game, the broadcast teased that the potential winner would maybe be slimed on the field. Mitch Trubisky did not end up sticking around long enough to get slimed so they went for Cam Jordan of the winning Saints who also ended declining to be slimed so NFL fans were robbed of getting to see some classic Nickelodeon Slime action! Come on Cam, do it for the kids! WE DEMAND SLIME!!!!!

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