Power Ranking The Worst NFL Teams In History

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  1. 2017 Cleveland Browns

This team is the worst team the NFL has ever seen. They only had 3 games that were within 3 points of their opponents, however two of their games did go to overtime (5th quarter if you will.) The Browns defense ended up with only 7 interceptions total on the year while allowing 42 total touchdowns. Headcoach Hue Jackson was known for being an offensive juggernaut before this dumpster fire completely burned down his image and status in the NFL. Cleveland, this one's for you.

  1. 2008 Detroit Lions

Before the Browns did it in 2017, The Detroit Lions were the first team since the NFL merger to go completely winless. Many speculate this was a strategic move to secure the #1 overall pick in the draft to acquire Matt Stafford, but to be fair only Lions fans think this way. This team gave up 517 points to opponents, including 56 touchdowns. Just embarrassing. The only reason this team did not end up at number one on this list is purely because Cleveland is the worst.

  1. Every Other Cleveland Browns Roster, Ever

Honestly, this speaks for itself. When will the Browns not be garbage? If you have made it this far, chances are you have figured out that I have a huge problem with Cleveland. Not just the football team, but the entire city. If I somehow received the power to change one thing about USA, I promise you #1 on that list would be to eliminate the city of Cleveland far above anything else.

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