Thicc Boi Thursday: Champions Edition!!!!

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Danny Dimes


In this week's Thicc Boi Thursday, we are shouting out not only one Thicc Boi but a whole starting 5. We would like to shout out the entire 2021 Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive line!! These hogs put in work on Sunday, only allowing one sack with a quarterback who has the agility of a riding lawn mower! It was truly astonishing, especially when compared to the opposing Chief’s O-Line. 

Mahomes looked like a jack rabbit maneuvering around the pocket but was sacked 3 times and pressured 29 more! Meanwhile the Tampa Bay Thicc Bois gave Tom Brady so much time he could have filmed a Hulu commercial! Did we mention they have Live Sports? It was criminal that they gave Brady the MVP when the Burley boys were the ones truly ballin! They were playing like they thought the Super Bowl was a giant bowl of Ice Cream that goes to the winner! 

Brady must have offered to take them to Golden Corral if they won! Well congratulations gentlemen, you're gonna finally get all you can eat chicken tendies that you deserve!!! Eat up Boys! It’s Thicc Boi Season!!!!

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