Thicc Boi Thursday

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Danny Dimes


It's Thicc Boi Thursday!! You know what that means, it's time to shout out our 5th Quarter Sports Thicc Boi of the week. This week we got to shout out a big man who was absolutely ballin this weekend, the Tongan Tower himself Vita Vea!!

Standing at 6’4’’ and over 346 pounds, this man is an absolute UNIT! He absolutely dominated for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in this weekend’s NFC championship eating double teams like ice cream sandwiches. His ability to devour multiple Packers O lineman led to multiple Sacks from his teammates on Aaron Rodgers and had Rodgers discount double checking his bags in for a flight home from the playoffs. And did we mention that he did all of this in his first game returning from a broken leg less than 3 months ago!!

Not only is this man built like a Sumo wrestler but apparently, he heals up faster than Wolverine. Let’s just hope he can continue to dominate in the Superbowl. And no, I don’t mean the Super-sized bowl of chili that he will be dominating after the game!

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