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Welcome to 5thQuarterSports’ October predictions. They are totally accurate and 100% unbiased. Strap in, for the truth.

Wild Card Round

AL Wild Card – New York Yankees @ Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox are going to shit down the throats of the Yankees. Eovaldi is going to shove and the Sox are going to hit 3 home runs off of Gerrit Cole. The Red Sox are on a tear at the end of the year and the Yankees tried to blow their hopes of a postseason and just barely held on long enough to destroy their fans in October. Also fuck Aroldis Chapman.

NL Wild Card – St. Louis Cardinals @ Los Angeles Dodgers

The Cardinals are the HOTTEST team in baseball at exactly the right time. Nothing will ever be more satisfying than the Dodgers winning 106 games and losing in a one game wild card game. “They had the most ever wins (106) of any MLB team that failed to finish first in its division or league.” Just let that sink in. We root for chaos here at 5th Quarter Sports and the best possible outcome is for the Dodgers to be leading 3-1 going into the 9th and having the Red Birds score four off of Kenley Jansen to blow the save. Write the movie script now. Bring back David Freese and GIVE IT TO ME.

Divisional Series Round

ALDS – Boston Red Sox/Tampa Bay Rays

This should be the World Series matchup. This will be the best matchup the entire postseason and it’s a damn shame that Rob Manfred hates the fans and won’t let this happen. Wander Franco is the future of baseball. Ji-man Choi is a sex icon. Nelson Cruz fading off into the sunset. Brett Phillips running around with his arms out wide to the Titanic song. It’s perfect. Until Chris Sale, Pivetta, and Eduardo Rodriguez come in and SHOVE. This is going to be a hell of a series and the Red Sox will win in 4.

ALDS – Chicago White Sox/Houston Trashtros

This is a very even series too. Both very boring teams in 2021 and this will be a snoozer but very even series. I would love the White Sox to win so that’s the prediction. White sox in 5. Rodon might fuck around and throw another no-hitter. He also might give up 8 runs on 10 hits in 3 innings. You never know and that is the beauty in October baseball.

NLCS – St. Louis Cardinals/San Fran Giants

This series will be electric. Italics for emphasis. The Giants were the best team in baseball during the regular season. But this is the postseason baby. HENNEYTHING CAN HAPPEN. With that said, the Giants are v good. They will win. I don’t think anybody in any series will get swept but this will be a series where the Giants would’ve swept but they will blow a game late. Giants in four. This is all on the condition that Andrew R does not attend a single game. If he goes, they will lose and that material change can not be forecasted in our current algorithm.

NLCS – Atlanta Braves/Milwaukee Brewers

I haven’t watched a ton of Brewers games this year. All I know is Hader is incredible and shaky. At least in the 5ish games I watched. The Braves are so fucking good. The Braves will win. Again, no sweeps. So Braves in 4. Dansby Swanson will have his coming out party and Freddie Freeman looking to make a run and secure his Hall of Fame spot.

Championship Round

ALCS – Boston Red Sox/Chicago White Sox

THE MATCHUP OF THE SOCKS/SOX!!! We move to a 7 game series here and 7 is statistically harder to win then 5. Because of the more games and no sweeps this postseason. Schwarber will hit a few Schwarbombs, the fans will drink many vodka lemonades (see my MLB stadium ranking article), and Sweet Caroline will ring through the halls. Sox (Red) in 5.

NLCS – Atlanta Braves/San Fran Giants

The classic East Coast West Coast matchup. Great for Major League Baseball. Great for fans. It will be cold in the Bay. It will be weird in Atlanta. Yazasazastremsky will cement his own legacy coming out of his grandfather’s shadows, Tyler Rodgers will soft toss a few saves, and Giants in 7. Again, with the caveat that Andrew R does not attend.

World Series Round

World Series – Boston Red Sox/San Fran Giants

Oh baby. Here it is. Here we go. Other than the Red Sox/Rays matchup, this is the next best matchup. These teams are so evenly matched. The Giants only had a better record because the National League is a god damn cake walk. The last time these two teams met in the World Series was in 1912 when the Red Sox beat the New York Giants and it will happen again. Red Sox in 7. The Giants have more depth but the Red Sox have more star power.

These predictions are final and unbiased (see my MLB stadium ranking article to see that I am in fact unbiased).

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